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But that blog is a whole different story

Here is the story of this blog....

I have a mid century furniture business - I know about mid century furniture - I love mid century furniture and yet I have this blog full of BoHO chic items and an odd assortment of antiques - how did I get here?

I buy the majority of my furniture from "pickers" - if you don't know what that is - Goggle it. Anyway, pickers are their own breed - you either love them or are baffled and slightly frightened of them - personally, I love them and all their idiosyncrasies.

Usually I can buy items individually from the Pickers, but I have a few who roll around sporadically with their truck loads of old furniture and either I buy the "lot" or get nothing - these guys (they are all guys) know that they have at least one piece that I am salivating over and will buy the whole truck load just to get that one gem.

If I'm lucky the truckload will be mostly mid century, but even if they aren't, the items are usually pretty cool.
One particular curmudgeon that I work with, Dan, has a good eye - he brings me loads of furniture that he picks out especially for me. I told him he had good taste and he replied:

"This crap isn't MY taste, I just know if I see something UGLY, you will buy it."

I love that!

He KNOWS that circa 1980s oak furniture is the best and anyone who doesn't love that style is an idiot. I refuse to buy anything made of 1980-90's oak and therefore - I'm an idiot.... I told you he was a curmudgeon.

Anyway, that sums up why I have odd pieces of vintage furniture from time to time. As mid century items are harder to come by, I have been getting more of these quirky pieces and I started to save them here.

The oddest part is that I have had several mid century customers start to buy some of these BoHO and Vintage pieces as well - I just think that's cool -

If you have a photo of your place that mixes the two styles well - email it to me at denverite7691@ g m a i l .com and I will add it here.

Thanks and see you soon